Negative Jumpman Routine  - Change of Pace Power Vertical  Workout
High Pulls  3X15 Monday/4x15 Wednesday/5x10Friday
The high pull builds explosive jumping power through a progressive building of lifting heavy barbell weights from a crouched position and pulling the weights upward in a swift motion to your shoulders.

Bench Press -Negatives 1X10 Monday/2x10 Wednesday/3x6 Friday

Simply reverse the standard bench press motion by going down with the weights to your chest in a calculated slow motion (8-10 seconds) down and make sure you have a good spotter to help you pull the weight back up as your focused on the negative downward motion here. Watch this change of pace really spark your muscle growth through confusion and motion changes this week.

Calf Raises -Negatives   1x15 Monday/2x15 Wednesday/3x10 Friday

Same as the bench press above, simply reverse the normal calf raise motion to focuse on teh downward progression ( 6-8) seconds down and then back up either on a calf raise machine ( if you go to a  gym) or at home with holding a barbell of weights in your hands.