Vertical Jump Training - Training Tips to increase your vertical today

Increasing your vertical jump requires the strengthening and development of your fast-twitch muscle fibres.  This can’t be done without a consistent fast paced, high intensity vertical jump training program. The key to having success in increasing your vertical jump is through the dramatic chaning of your exercise routines to reach those essential fast-twitch muscles critical for explosive quickness and jumping. I have spent many years training and studing this facet of improving ones vertical jumping ability. IThis site will be dedicate to jump training programs that work and sharing new exercises and routines to help you maintain that variety and mix to achieve your vertical jumping goals.
My Current Week Vertical Jump  Weight Training Workout

Here is what I am currently working on this week to improve my explosive jumping power and mix up my routine to continue challenging those fast twitch JumpMan muscle fibers to grow:

Strong Range Vertical Jump Workout 

Squats - 2 Sets 20-30 Reps
This is an extremely hard routine that if you last will take your vertical jump to the next level. Jumpman recommends starting at about 35% of your Squat 1 rep max and as you do 30 reps with good form add another 10 pounds or so to the next workout set.

Bench Press - 2 Sets 20-30 Reps
Same instructions as the Squats above...perform 35% of 1 rep bench press max and then  once you can perform 30 full good form reps add another 10 pounds.

Bicep Curls- 2 Sets 20-30 Reps
 Yes that is right beach biceps are also good for powerfull vertical jumps off the ground. Strong arms can give you an extra few inches to your vetical jump.

Calf Raises - 2 Sets 20-30 Reps

Dr. Jumpman Plyometric Workout of the Week

Box drop jump dunk - ( You will need a partner for this workout) 

Setup a 2 -3 Foot Jump Box in front of a basketball hoop. Stand on the box slowly step off the box have someone pass you the basketball underneath a 10 foot hoop and immediately jump straight up towards the hoop for a dunk attempt. If you can't dunk it yet that is ok just jump as high as you can and lay the ball up at your highest point of the vertical. Do this 10 times and then rest (3x10 total sets).

Continue to increase the weights when you can but never train to complet failure only about 85-90% of max capacity to ensure you can finish all the required sets and reps. The negative and power high pulls  is an extreme workout so keep it short to about 3-4 excersises tops.  This is a great power jump routine to mix in about every 4-6 weeks or so into your normal vertical jump traing and perform for just one week. It will get yout out of a lifting slump and provide that much needed muscle confusion to hit the fast twitch vertical training muscles.

I currently have reviewed many jump training programs and recommend The Jump Manual as the top training program on the market right now